Sunday, 4 December 2011

The map
Suntec City
I went there to experience the first time of going into the fountain.

 Central Public Library
I went there to watch a play in the audortorium. It was very fun and amusing.

Esplanade- Theatres On The Bay (Singapore)
I went there in 2009 to have my primary school's choir's biaunnal school concert.

How can blogging be a part of my learning experience

Blogging can be a part of my learning experience by letting me know what other students are doing in their studies. Blogging can also help us to share our thoughts, to make a good resolution for a particular project or discussion. 

Feelings and reactions when I recived the sucessful application for SST

I chose this picture because that I was so shocked to recieve the letter saying that I was selected to be a student of SST next year. I was also very happy and pleased to have got into my first choice school, that was SST. I was also proud of myself as I had failed in other DSA appilcations for the other schools.